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Continue—or embark on—your spiritual journey with fifty-two meditations gleaned from spiritual masters. Each selection is designed to move you forward on your path to living in peace. Daylight for the Soul is available here. 

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Any decision…that is made from a place of fear will not serve you, and it will not serve your soul. It will only lead you away from peace, away from love, away from not only your own good but the good of the world. With these words, Elizabeth Pelkey encapsulates what so many of us know but are reluctant to face: we are easily swayed by fear even when we know it does not serve our best interests.


We intend to live our lives with love and peace, yet so often we are swamped by whatever the world throws at us. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Pelkey’s vision for her own life is to dwell in inner peace, and her fifty-two meditations will help you on your own journey. The topics are organized alphabetically but should be read in whatever order you deem most helpful. Consult your own inner guidance, and use the space after each meditation to write your own reflections on the subject.


Delve into this book, and put its words into practice, and you just may find that fear has a much looser grip on your life than before.

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DAYLIGHT FOR THE SOUL: A Guide for Finding Peace in Everyday Living. 

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