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Beth Freeman

Soul's Purpose Channeler

Beth Freeman is a clear channel through which her clients can communicate with their personal spirit guides and angels. She is a podcaster, writer, and visionary for how we can truly embrace our souls and live out its purpose.

Beth spent nearly two decades in marketing followed by 10 years in education. During her time teaching high school English, she embraced her own personal healing with the assistance of a dedicated energy therapist. Today, Beth's mission — indeed her passion— is to help others find inner peace and their souls' purpose in this life. 


Beth is the author of Daylight for the Soul and The Language of Self-Love:
The Five Steps to Forgiveness
(coming soon!). She has also penned the children's book Itty Bitty Calico Kitty, a delightful and engaging tale of the importance of giving and receiving love.


A dynamic public speaker, Beth is available for group channeling, inspirational talks, podcasts and live interviews, helping you find your soul’s purpose through healing and soul growth. Phone, Skype, in-person, and written sessions are also available. 

Contact her today to feel more at peace with your life and find your soul's purpose in this lifetime.

Step into your 
authentic self!

Check out this "Your Chron" episode where host Scott Pitney interviews Beth on channeling and her own inner healing journey.

Beth Freeman, Soul’s Purpose Channeler and Spiritual CounselorYour Chron Podcast Interview with Beth Freeman
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Get your personal messages from Beth!

Through guided sessions, podcast and books, Beth shares the wisdom of guides and angels as well as the tools to internalize those lessons to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

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